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It’s not junk, it’s YOUR junk and what you do with it matters!

That’s why you trust the best in the business, Big Yellow Bins.

Fast. Reliable. Affordable. 

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FAQs (because we know you got ’em)

We accept all major credit cards (even Visa debit) to secure your bin rental with a minimum $400 deposit on booking. 

Why do you need to pay a deposit? 

We do this because we don’t know what the tippage fee will be until after we take your bin to the dump and weigh it, processing a pre-authorization allows us to ensure that the bin will be paid for.  Rest assured, we don’t process payment until after your bin has been weighed, ensuring that you don’t pay for any more than you use!

Your credit card information is not kept on file to maintain your privacy and security. 


Our bins are specially designed to not damage driveways and we do our absolute best to ensure that is the case every time.

The bin is built with a wide roller and 3 inch rails that help to evenly distribute the weight of your bin and the stuff you’re getting rid of. The roller allows the bin to smoothly be placed on your driveway. 

Our bins are easy to load.

Each bin has doors on the end that open up so that you can walk your material into the bin with ease.

There is no need to hoist that old sectional up and over the edge, simply open the doors and walk her in. It’s as easy as that.

A bin is 7 feet wide by 12 feet long. 

Bins are compact enough to fit in almost any driveway, our drivers are skilled at navigating even the tightest spaces. 

A better question would be what CAN’T I dump.

Big Yellow Bins can take almost ANYTHING (so long as it fits in our bin) with the exception of a few *random* items.

  • Medical waste and needles.
  • Animal or human remains. 


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Big Bins for Big Projects

Our bins are custom designed to hold and carry upwards of 4 tonnes (that’s a LOT of weight). 

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