Construction Bin Rentals

Our roll-off bins are not just for cleaning out your aunt’s attic, they are great for construction and roofing projects as well!  We have two sizes of mini-bins available so whether you’re gutting a cottage or clearing a lot, we’ve got what you need.

Check out our bin pricing structure or call today to speak with our team.

We know that operating your business professionally is important. That’s why we take the greatest of care to partner with you to ensure you put your best foot forward when it comes to waste removal. 

Our bins are sleek, bright, and ready for your job. 


What about tonnage? 

We only charge you for what you dump. There is NO ROUNDING. 

That means, if you dump 3.25 tonnes, you’re charged for 3.25 tonnes. Only have 0.89 tonnes, NO PROBLEM. 

We believe in transparent pricing and fair billing. We never round up so you know you’re getting the best deal.  


Big Yellow Bins RENT ME

What if I fill my bin?

Think you might be getting to the top of you bin and still need room? 

Not to worry! If you fill your bin and would like a new one, just give our team a call and we will schedule a pick up and drop off as soon as possible to keep your project moving forward. 

Our bin rentals are quick, easy and affordable with a solution that is just right for you.

The Right Size for Your Job

Rent a 14 yard bin for $150 per week
Rent a 20 Yard Bin for $200 a week

Bigger is almost always better when it comes to your bin rental, especially when we are talking about commercial projects. But it’s not a necessity.

Call today to speak with our representative and we can help you pick the perfect size for your job. 

What Can I Load?

Construction Material?






You Bet’cha!


We’ll take it!

Of Course!

If you’re wondering what you can or cannot load, give our team a call! We have options for all types of loads and can work with you to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your business. 

Get Ready to FILL your Bin!

The main reason companies choose to rent with Big Yellow Bins for their roofing and construction jobs is the ease of use. We can park the mini-bin as close to the house as possible to make clean-up on your job site a breeze. 

When the bin is full, just give it a call and we can pick it up next day!

Big Yellow Bins Rental

Great service with Big Yellow Bins. They were very organized and on time. I would definitely use their service again and I recommend them as well!

Katie P.

What’s A Tonne?

That’s a great question! When you are paying for the weight you dump it’s good to know what a tonne is and how we come up with that total. 

One metric tonne is equal to 2,200 pounds, roughly. 

To translate that into household objects that would be like saying it’s the same weight as one clawfoot tub, refrigerator, a pull out couch, an upright grand piano, 10 boxes of laminate flooring and one wood stove all tossed into the bin, one tonne!

Thinking about what that would be in terms of shingles? One bundle of shingles averages between 50-100 pounds. One tonne would therefore amount to roughly 200 bundles of shingles. 

The average bin rental weighs in between 1 and 2 tonnes. Our bins can hold up to 4 tonnes safely. So, if you happen to have a small herd of standard bison in your backyard we can probably fit them in a bin … weight wise anyway. 

How much weight is one tonne

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