Everything you need to know about

Bin Pricing

Step 1: Select a size

14 Yard Bin

20 Yard Bin

Step 2: Select a duration

7 day Rental

14 yard bin – $150 / 7 days

20 yard bin – $200 / 7 days


30 day Rental

14 yard bin – $375 / 30 days

20 yard bin – $525 / 30 days 


Need an EXTRA day?

14 yard bin – $10 / day

20 yard bin – $15 / day


Need a Custom Solution?

We understand that sometimes you need something that is tailored to your custom project. Give Linda a call and we will work out a pricing solution that is most economical for your unique situation.

(705) 817-2990

Step 3: Load your bin

The only variable in your pricing is the weight of your bin. Tonnage (the ticket weight of your load) is calculated based on the actual weight and the price per tonne for your area. 


$110 / TONNE


$110 / TONNE


$130 / TONNE


$140 / TONNE


$160 / TONNE


$160 / TONNE

Fill your bin but still have junk?

Call us and we can swap your bin for a fresh one. 

We will gladly come by and get you a fresh new bin. Each swap-out is charged the tonnage + $150 for a swap. 

Wondering if we’re in the area?

We service a radius of 25km around each of the waste transfer stations. 

Outside of that we charge an additional $6 / km for pick-up and delivery.

About our bins

No need to toss your sofa over the edge!

Our bins come equipped with easy to open rear doors to make loading your junk safe and easy.

Got a LOT of junk? 

Not a problem for our bins! One bin can hold up to 4 tonnes of waste. 

That’s nearly 9,000 lbs!

Our bins are COMPACT!

The 14 yard bin is 12′ by 7′.

Our 20 yard bin is 14′ by 8′. 

Big enough for your LOAD, small enough for your DRIVEWAY.

**Any damage that is greater than cosmetic scratches and scrapes to the bin will be the responsibility of the customer to repair. **

What is a “Level Load”?

Great Question!

A level load is a load that does not exceed the top of our bins. 

Anything piled above the fill line can present a danger to motorists when your bin is picked up. As such, our drivers may refuse to collect the bin if the load is unsafe or above the LEVEL line. 

This may result in additional charges. 

What can’t I dump?

Most things can go in the bin without issue (except human or animal remains – there is an issue with that!)

We also cannot accept bricks, sod, cement or other VERY DENSE materials as they quickly overload the maximum capacity of the trucks.