Frequently Asked Questions

Included below is information that you may find helpful in making your bin rental as easy and surprise-free as possible.

What CANNOT go in a Bin?

While we and the waste transfer stations accept a wide variety of things, there are certain materials we absolutely cannot accept. 

– Asbestos

– Hazardous chemicals 

– Medical waste

– Human or animal remains 


Loaded Big Yellow Bins

What material CAN I load?

  • Household items – i.e. old furniture, old appliances, old toys, E-waste etc.
  • Yard waste i.e. branches, leaves etc.
  • Construction waste i.e. wood, drywall, roofing, plaster, renovation materials etc.
  • Tires, Rims
  • A small amount of patio stones or bricks (you are paying for the weight)
  • Dried up paint cans

If there is any mixed material in a clean fill bin, it will need to be disposed of as garbage and will be charge at your local waste rate.

Will the bin damage my driveway?

Our bins are specially designed to not damage driveways.
The roller and both 3 inch wide rails that span the entire length of the bin are designed to properly distribute the bin and load evenly
When the bin is dropped off and picked up there is nothing to drag or scratch or damage your driveway surface.

A Few More Questions … 

Why do I need to book with a credit card?


Like many rental places, we process a pre-authorization on your credit card prior to dropping your bin off for you. We do this because we don’t know what the tippage fee will be until after we take your bin to the dump and weigh it. This provides security on your bin.

Rest assured though, we don’t process payment until after your bin has been weighed, ensuring that you don’t pay for any more than you use!

Your credit card information is not kept on file to maintain your privacy and security.


Do you drop off / pick up on weekends?



Our offices are closed on the weekend.

Let’s Talk about RENTALS

At Big Yellow Bins, we do our best to pick up and drop off bins as early as possible.

Pick up times can be as early as 7 am. 

We try our very best to get our bins delivered to you, the customer, as early as possible on the day you have booked them however, there are factors that can change this such as traffic, weather etc.  If you require the bin for the early morning we can arrange for the bin to be dropped the day before at the end of our business day.

When you rent a bin for X days, we cannot guarantee that you will have it, for example, dropped off at 2 pm on Day 1 and picked up at 2 pm on Day X. 

While we try to be as fair as possible and give you the most amount of time with the bin that we can, we cannot guarantee a 7 day rental equates to 7 24 hour periods.

Due to daily variations in routes, traffic, weather, and fluctuations in bookings, you may have a 1 day rental and have the bin for 22 hours instead of 24, of a 7 day rental may be 164 hours instead of 168.  This isn’t to be unfair but is just a consequence of trying to accommodate the most amount of people over an area the size of Simcoe. 

Get Ready to FILL your Bin!

The best way to fill your bin is also the easiest. Open up the back doors and walk your load in. As your bin fills you can close the doors (don’t forget to lock them!) and start filling in the spaces from over the side. Remember to never lift anything that exceeds the weight you are comfortable with as to avoid injuries. 

The bins will be lifted onto the truck. Do not worry, though it looks intimidating, lifting the bin will not result in all your hard work being dumped back onto your driveway. 

For safety purposes we limit the load to a level load.

Please refrain from loading material higher than the top of the bin, as it makes it unsafe as the contents of the bin may fall out while the bin is loaded on the truck. Please also ensure that the bin is not loaded with heavier items at one side and lighter items on the other. The drivers have the right to refuse to pick up an unsafe load.

Rent a Big Yellow Bin

We have rented a bin twice so far from Big Yellow Bins, each time has been easy and cost efficient. Always coming in lower than I had thought and the service has never failed. I would rent from them again (and probably will), and recommend them to anyone looking.

Kayla Ereskine

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