Things to Know about Your Rental

Included below is helpful information that will make your bin rental easy and surprise-free!


Big Yellow Bins

Bin Rentals – What you NEED to know.

Materials that CANNOT get binned

1. NO Hazardous Waste 

2. NO Medical Waste

3. NO Dirt and or Concrete


Pick up, Drop off, and Extra Days

Our aim is to pick up and drop off our bins between the hours of 07:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday. 

There are rare circumstances where we are on the roads later than anticipated. 

If you find you need additional days on your rental we are more than happy to make adjustments. Make sure to call *at least* 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up date so we can verify we have bin availability. 

**Missed Pick-ups**

If the driver arrives to pick up your bin and you decide you are not done with it OR the driver is unable to move it because it is blocked, you will be charged a Missed Pick-up fee equal to 50% of the delivery fee.

Where’s My Bin? (and other details)

Our routes are finalized the day before delivery to ensure the most efficient mapping possible. If you are hoping for a narrow window for your pick up or delivery, please call our office the morning of and we can get you a better idea of when to expect our team.

I thought the rental was for 7 days?!
When you rent a bin with Big Yellow Bins, we provide you with a base rental of 7 days. We do our absolute to be as fair as possible but we cannot guarantee that if the bin is dropped off at 2pm on Day 1, that we pick it up at 2pm on Day 7. 

Due to daily variations in routing, your bin may be picked up before noon, even if it was dropped off after noon on Day 1. 

If you are ever worried about when your bin will be picked up or if you can have a little more time on pick up day, give our office a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Level Fill Only

Our bins are clearly marked with a LEVEL LOAD indicator at the top if the bin, this is our gentle reminder NOT to over fill the bins. Doing so makes the loads unsafe for transportation. 

Our drivers have the right to refuse pick-up if the load is TOO full or TOO heavy. 

** 5 tonne MAX capacity **

Thank you for booking with BIG YELLOW BINS!